The best way to kickoff your brand new study year!

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21 augustus 2019
3 - 11 pm


Kickoff Festival Zeeland

A visit to Kickoff Festival Zeeland is the best way to start your new study year!

Kick off your year with classmates and take your friends to the shows of La Fuente, Famke Louise and Team Peach! Keep an eye on our socials as we will announce more artists in the coming weeks.



Last weekend he played on Lowlands, now he will perform in Middelburg. Nobody else than Donnie, the male Gwen Steffani, will perform on stage at 5 pm!

5 - 5.30 pm - Mainstage


The Partysquad needs no introduction. Ruben & Jerry have been dominating Dutch festivals for more than 10 years and have scored more than 12 hit singles, such as Wat Wil Je Doen Dan, Non-Stop Stuk Rampeneren and Helemaal Naar De Klote.

8 - 9 pm - Mainstage

La Fuente

‘The feeling when we share the good vibes’ is a perfect description of what La Fuente does. With his unique style and sound, he did no less than 350 shows around the world in 2018! La Fuente will hit the roof and will exceed all your expectations.

10 - 11 pm - Mainstage

And many more


If you think of the Middelburg nightlife, you think of A-Styl. With Losbollig and other parties in Schuttershof, he is the man who will bring you the funkiest (latin) house, r&b and urban.

4 - 5 pm - Mainstage

DJ Nikki

DJ Nikki has won several DJ competitions in recent months, regularly plays at parties in Zeeland, but also in clubs in Antwerp. DJ Nikki is an upcoming talent and will kick off your Kickoff Festival Zeeland!

3 - 4 pm - Mainstage

LPSTCK Soundsystem

Mara Wells meets Charissa Jong, together they are LPSTCK Soundsystem. One thing is for sure: during Kickoff Festival Zeeland these ladies will definitely get you dancing!

7 - 8 pm - Mainstage

Mc Nash

If you are talking about an MC who knows how to get an audience going and bring the house down, you are talking about MC Nash. Nash has it; great skills, too much energy and a great sense of music.

Team Peach

TEAM PEACH will be present in Middelburg, which is a well-known city to them. They host successful parties in the Netherlands and Belgium and are also going to rock the Kickoff Festival with their PEACH vibe: from moombathon to afro-house.

5.30 - 7 pm - Mainstage


Meet him again this summer on the Spanish Costa? ZIGGY is a musical chameleon: house, urban and classics, with many own edits and bootlegs, we assure you: it will be party time.

9 - 10 pm - Mainstage

HZ Cult Schirmbar

Django Boegheim

Singer-songwriter Django Boegheim translates stories and lessons from daily life into quiet but catchy songs. Often about the love and freedom of the will. With his soft but characteristic voice he puts his heart and soul into passionate songs. Whoever hears him for the first time will not be able to suppress the comparison to Passenger.

5.40 - 6 pm - HZ Cult Schirmbar

Marith van Beek

Marith van Beek (17) won the local finals of Kunstbende Zeeland in april and went to the dutch finals in Amsterdam last month. She lives for the music and there is nothing she would rather do. Together with her piano, she wants everyone to enjoy her music and she hopes to end up in beautiful places in the world. With her enchanting voice she takes you on an adventure in her head and in life!

4.10 - 4.30 pm - HZ Cult Schirmbar

Sigourney de Roos

In her spare time, Sigourney de Roos is busy making music and writing her own songs. Her songs are mainly based on things she has experienced herself and stories from others. A nice crossover from Indierock, alternative, poppunk, pop-rock and country. She sings with a beautiful powerful voice and accompanies herself on guitar, piano or ukulele. Hit the right chord and convey a message to others: that is what she wants to achieve with her music.

4.40 - 5 pm - HZ Cult Schirmbar

Silent Disco

At the start of the evening, the HZ Cult Schirmbar will transform into the best party in the Netherlands during the Silent Disco. With the best 90’s, 00’s and party music: the place to be!

7 - 11 pm - HZ Cult Schirmbar

And more

Student Market

Are you searching for a student job or internship, do you want to meet your future employer or take a look at the student associations? Walk by the Student Market on 21 August during Kickoff Festival Zeeland. Here you can meet several companies and institutions and join their games and activities.

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